Try Google Glass with Augmented Reality

I was talking about Face Detection and Face Tracking lately. I found this nice Computer Vision based Face Tracking experience that enables the user to try virtual Google Glass. Have a look to the stampeo Face Tracking examples. Continue reading

AR Spaceship Review

AR Spaceship is one of the first game i see that is made with the String™ technology. String™ offers the possibly to use Augmented Reality with the Unity3D rendering software to design game levels. Is the game playable and entertain audience? Here is a quick review…

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Google is launching Eyeglasses for Augmented Reality (part 2)

I will talk this time about the Google™ Project Glass from a technical point of view. Analyzing the video they uploaded, can we extract some interesting Computer Vision/Image Processing principles and innovations? or is it another Layar™ like system (see my previous post)?

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Google is launching Eyeglasses for Augmented Reality (part 1)

These days, everybody is talking about Google™ and its “Project Glass”. But how long has it been since they started working on that project? What can we expect in terms of hardware and in terms of technology? Is it a complete fake?

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A short story of Computer Vision and Image Processing in Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality was originally named mixed reality because its goal is to merge a video stream with animated 3d objects in real-time. It has been quickly discovered that rendering synthetic objects on top of image sequences is useless unless we can extract some information from the real scene captured by the camera.

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