HTML5 – Augmented Reality Solutions

It has been the result of a long process but flash’s usage is progressively fading away. Therefore, new HTML5 (javascript) applications start to replace older flash based apps.

For Augmented Reality however, developers have been dependent of HTML5 WebRTC standard to support the camera feed in real-time. Most browsers now support the Real-Time Communications (RTC): “The WebRTC initiative is a project supported by Google, Mozilla and Opera, amongst others”. However, as I write these lines, Safari (10% of global usage) is still behind competitors and don’t support the standard. It is said that things are going to change and the AR community is waiting for confirmation.

So far, we’ve found only a few Augmented Reality solutions for HTML5:

js-aruco (opensource):

XZIMG provides new HTML5 augmented reality based solutions.

Here is a demonstration of HTML5 Augmented Face:

And, there a demonstration of HTML5 Augmented Vision:

Do you now other HTML5 based solutions?

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